About the Event April 20th, 8 to 11PM

For the 3rd annual collaboration between Occidental’s Media Arts and Culture Program and Freewaves, we presented the Oxy Freewaves Salon, exhibiting a series of student-produced documentaries that frame questions about community in greater Los Angeles. The event also featured video projections onto the outer walls of the Herrick Chapel from Out The Window: a collection of site-specific videos produced for the LA Metro buses by Los Angeles artists. The event coincided with  Occidental College’s 125th Anniversary and an 1887 Carnival celebration. The 19th century salon was meant as a social space where individuals could form community and debate the pressing cultural questions of the day. We invite you to relax in our outdoor salon and converse the video makers and members of the Occidental and Los Angeles communities about the issues raised in our media works.We were gratified by the number of people who turned out for the event and the range of constituencies who were there–students, faculty, staff, administrators, alumni. The subjects of the documentaries and the connection to Freewaves and Out-the-Window also brought representatives from LA’s Art community, the Highland Park Historical Trust, and a range of residents from the Highland Park and Eagle Rock neighborhoods.

During Oxy’s carnival celebration, carnival goers also experienced Miwa Matreyek‘s Myth and Infrastructure performance in the Occidental Dance Studio.

Matreyek, a graduate of Cal Arts’ experimental animation program, merges contemporary digital animation practices with live performance elements that evoke both late 19th century optical toys such as the “magic lantern” and far more ancient traditions of Javanese shadow puppetry. The magic of her performances will transport attendees back to the 19th century “Phantasmagoria” while also challenging participants to reimagine digital art.  This event was made possible by generous support from the Remsen-Bird Fund.

The Oxy Freewaves series of short films created by Oxy’s documentary production students included:

Voices of the Past

La Yarda

Arroyo Seco, Arroyo Lleno

Eagle Rock Boulevard

The Truck

Inside Out, Outside In

Friend Seeking Friend

Degrees of Separation

The collection of Out The Window videos included:

Relay by Michael Parker
I (Balloon) L.A. by Michael Rippens
Hollywood Farmers Market: A Unique Urban Form by Marie Sullivan
Sustainable Crenshaw by Regina Kimbell
Handball Court by Manuel Huerta
Painting the Town by Megan May Daalder
LA Woman by Victoria Delgadillo
Transparent Traveler by Jeremy Eichenbaum
Ad or Art by Lisa Marr
Jolly Blues by Khari Scott
Melrose Whoopee by Poli Marichal
Boyle Heights by Allen Colombo
Juan Fish Testimonial by Arturo Romo-Santillano
The California Landscape by Peter Bill
Grapevine Landscan by Center for Land Use Interpretation
Host Landscapes: Indian Places in the Los Angeles Basin by Patrick Kack-Brice